Currently, ANPR systems are one of the most significant methods of vehicle identification being used in most transportation control systems and intelligent traffic control systems.  Image processing and artificial intelligence technologies play the major role in these systems.

In recent years, these systems have been utilized in a number of the national traffic plans, transportation control, and parking management projects such as: urban congestion area, road traffic violation recording systems, transportation management systems for roads and organization's special routes, and public parking lots.  

Technical specifications:



Image processing

Plate reading accuracy

Minimum 97%

Lane recognition

As per customer`s needs

Vehicle classification

Light and heavy vehicles



Operational temperature and environmental conditions

25-60 Centigrade

Electric power

Maximum 400 W

Camera power supply

12 V

Plate image size


IR image size


Color image size




XML file size


XML file elements

As per customer`s needs

Vehicle classification by outgoing plate reading


Environmental compliance

Parts and components

Plate reading (oncoming and outgoing)


User interface

Windows based GUI Available

Maximum environmental humidity

95 %

Plate detection and reading speed

50 ms


Features and advantages:

  • Installation on all Windows OS
  • Compatible with a powerful, multi-core, small embedded processor
  • Offering robust and optimal software for various plate reading applications
  • Discrete detection interference resistant cameras in case of multiple passing vehicles
  • Best vehicle detection and timely imaging
  • Best for road, highway, and premises
  • Collecting, recording, and transmitting data to be processed and stored in the local or distant databases
  • Round the clock applications
  • Stand-alone imaging without flashlight
  • Determining the traffic volume throughout a year and providing reports
  • Compatible with network connections and data transmission
  • Capturing passing vehicles images and plate numbers
  • Resistant to fluctuations in temperature throughout seasons
  • Vehicle identification
  • Vehicle transportation in thoroughfares and special places
  • Suitable for registration of vehicle flow in parking lots
  • Remote control functionality for better setup and performance


  • A special software program with specific functionalities is developed for each Number Plate Recognition system applications, which can be customized according on customer`s demand.