Road accidents are the major causes of death all around the world. Unfortunately, Iran is one of the countries with high road accident deaths. Despite having one percent of the world population, it has two percent of the whole world accidents deaths. Roughly, Iran has twice as much death rate and five times as much injury rate as the world average.

Excessive speeding is one of the main causes of road accident nationwide.  As speeding has a major effect on road accident and the intensity of impacts and injuries, the utilization of speed cameras on intercity roads and urban highways can play a significant role in controlling speed violation, which could, in turn, result in decreasing the amount and intensity of road accidents. 

This system is comprised of special cameras which transmit the images of vehicles to processing systems; The processor records the speed of passing vehicles and plate number which are sent to the monitoring centers when they run over the speed limits. Additionally, images and numbers of all passing vehicles could be transmitted to centers just in case.



  • Number Plate detection
  • Speed measurement
  • Vehicle classification
  • Longitudinal distance determination
  • Driving between lanes
  • Deviation to the left
  • Unlawful overtaking within camera field of view
  • Vehicles transportation counting
  • Average speed detection


  • Moving objects detection system in digital images including one or multiple cameras, projectors and electronic circuit.  
  • Server for central processing operations
  • A set of software programs for processing operation, interpretation of images and data analysis


Technical specifications:


Video processing

Plate recognition performance accuracy

Minimum 97%

Speed measurement accuracy

Minimum 98%

Synchronization of IR and color image

99 %

Lane recognition

As per customers` needs

Vehicle classification

Light and heavy duty



Operational temperature and environmental conditions

25-60 Centigrade

Electric power

Maximum 400 W

Power supply

12 V

Plate image size


IR image size


Vehicle image volume




XML file size

Less than 100 KB

XML file elements

As per customer demand (speed, plate, lane, average speed, max. and min. speed, classification, violation speeding, longitudinal distance, passing time )

Vehicle identification by outgoing plate recognition


Environmental compliance

 In Parts and components level

Plate recognition (oncoming and outgoing)


User interface

Windows based GUI Available

Maximum environmental humidity

95 %

Plate detection and recognition time

50 ms

Capable of recording vehicle speed

5 up to 250 km/h

Accuracy in detection of recurring images

98 %

Accuracy of Vehicle counting

99 %


Features and advantages:

  • Establishing centralized management in target areas
  • Applicable for roads having 2, 4, and 6 lanes
  • Covering two lanes by one camera (3 - 4 lanes by two cameras)
  • Applicable to every road and highway
  • Towers and gates Installation capability
  • Identical oncoming and outgoing speed measurement
  • Suitable for round the clock applications
  • Compatible with network connections and transmitting collected violation data
  • Resistant to fluctuations in temperature throughout seasons
  • Discrete precise speed detection for each vehicle
  • Offering robust and optimal software for various plate recognition and Traffic Violation Recording applications
  • Capability of connecting to Loop Sensor and WIM systems
  • Suitable for photography without flashlight
  • Non-disclosure of the location of the speed detection system compared to radar and laser systems
  • Remote control functionality for better setup and performance
  • Wind resistant up to 120 km
  • Discrete and simultaneous precise speed detection for multiple vehicle
  • Capable of applying multiple threshold for light and heavy duty vehicles
  • Installation on any Windows OS
  • Providing and recording data (plate number, privilege, the location of defective character, vehicle and plate black and white/ color image) to be processed and storing them in the local or remote
  • Determining and providing various reports on the traffic volume throughout all days of year
  • Lane detection and applying various speed threshold for each lane
  • Capable of capturing high resolution color images of violating vehicles