Considering the advances in car manufacturing technologies and the human interest for speed and acceleration, car manufacturers have always been persuaded to produce high-speed vehicles.  On the other hand, the lack of appropriate road infrastructures, urban and suburban roads, as well as the negligence of drivers to the rules and regulations, lead to the accidents rise including severe damages and loss of life.  These repercussions have urged the monitoring authorities to enforce control and surveillance regulations on driver’s maneuvers and standardization of vehicles in order to ensure safety and prevent accidents, damages and deaths.

Statistics and experience have shown that drivers are heedful of their behaviors when they know they are being monitored.  The sense of being monitored could be imparted either by presence of policemen on the road or their cars and equipment, and warning signs.  These controlling devices might include laser gun, tracking, and ANPR systems. These devices have greatly contributed to the traffic etiquettes and they are being considered as deterrent devices.


Rah-e Abrisham Intelligent Systems co. has successfully produced a portable laser speed meter called Aris1 to satisfy the national demands through localization by drawing upon its committed specialists. 


  • High-precision speed measurement of various moving objects
  • Capturing and storing video and image of incidents



  • Sender: It is comprised of a low-power laser diode operating within eye safe wavelength and an optical system for shaping the emitted beam.
  • Receiver: It is comprised of a highly sensitive optical diode to receive the reflected beams from targets, and an optical structure to focus and amplify the reflected beams.
  • Controller or processor: It is responsible for the management of laser pulses and synchronization of the sender and receiver. Additionally, the processing of received signals from the receiver to increase signal to noise ratio.
  • Recording and Display: It is used to capture and display the video of a target and to make connection with the driver circuits.
  • Camera: A camera capable of capturing video and image in day and night with an optical zoom of 40X and a digital zoom 12X (upgradeable on demand)
  • Recorder: Recording video with MPEG-4 format on up to 32 GB memory (upgradeable on demand)
  • 3 inch display (as per customer`s demand)
  • Upgradeable storage on demand
  • Tripod and holder




Technical specifications:

Laser safety class

Class 1

Effective range

3-1000 meters

Detectable speed range

5-340 Kh

Target acquisition time (targeting)

250 m second

Effective photography range

1000 meters

Video capturing capability



TVL 670


4.3 inch upgradeable on demand

Internal Backup battery


Operational temperature range

25-60 °C


 2.75 kg

Environmental resistance standards


Distance detection accuracy

±15 m

Speed detection accuracy

±2 km/h

Electric power

15 Watt


Features and advantages:

  • High speed (Targeting time 250 ms)
  • High accuracy (0.3 m range error)
  • Light and portable
  • Low power operation
  • Design based on local knowledge competitive with foreign rivals in quality and quantity
  • Capable of capturing video and image and storing events and accidents
  • Round the clock speed measurement
  • Simple calibration
  • Equipped with GPS and time and location tracking system