Parallel with the advance of technology, surveillance ad management of societies have faced with expansion and complexity. It is important to manage urban crisis, crude control, effective and prompt rescue and relief in target areas, urban and suburban traffic surveillance, crime detection, criminals' identification from sociological, security, and disciplinary perspectives; on the other hand, criminal activities have become more complicated and escalated because of advance in sciences and technology.

Meanwhile, improvement of safety and security of societies, there is a pressing need for a solution with an appropriate infrastructure, covering all the mentioned issues, to enhance the operational capacity and promptness.

Video surveillance systems are among those efficient strategies to obtain the objectives.


  • Establishing centralized management in target areas
  • Contributing in urban and road traffic management
  • Contributing in disaster management
  • Inspecting and recording of crimes and violations
  • Reducing expenditures of urban and road management
  • Conducting statistical research
  • Improving the social security
  • Uninterrupted recording of events
  • Improving security through the preventing of theft and tracking of criminals


  • Design and implementation of intelligent video surveillance systems (city, road and places)
  • Design and implementation of monitoring kiosks
  • Urban monitoring system
  • Design and production of monitoring software program according to the customer`s demand
  • Video analyses systems
  • Access control systems


  • Design and implementation of the largest national video surveillance system
  • Implementation of the largest provincial video surveillance system
  • Implementation of a number of video surveillance for urban and road purposes
  • Implementation of traffic surveillance systems
  • Design and implementation of a number of national monitoring centers